Introducing Venerable Da Shi






Venerable Da Shi

Born in 1957, and graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Tamkang University. Became a monk under Venerable Sheng Kai from Nantou Province’s Puli city’s Ren Cheng Monastery in 1991. Established “Miao You Pu Ti Yuan” in 2007 as a Dharma propagation centre.

After his ordination, the Venerable took particular interest in the self-study and research of Buddhist scriptures, and has since been engaging in the work of Buddhist education. He travels regularly to Singapore, Malaysia and other countries to spread the Buddhist Dharma. In recent years, he had even used the television as a medium for delivering Buddhist Dharma.

The Venerable teaches the Buddhist Dharma according to the original intent of the Buddha, gaining a thorough understanding of both the Theravadin and Mahayanist traditions, through a comprehensive study and research into the earliest Buddhist Agama scriptures; with good personal experiences particularly in Prajna (wisdom), the Middle Way, Mahaprajnaparamita-Sastra, Dasabhumika-Vibhasa-Sastra, Saddharma-Pundarika, etc.

The Venerable places emphasis on delivering his teachings in a way that benefits both the teacher and his students, through developing his followers’ abilities to think independently, and expressing the profound in simple, easy-to-understand language, allowing everyone to learn and apply the extensive and profound Buddhist Dharma in their daily lives.


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