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《Everlasting Happiness, as Buddha Attains》

The Buddha was born into this world out of great compassion with the aim to help all mortal beings avoid sufferings and attain endless bliss.

The world of mortal beings is full of suffering. It is a surreal world of endless desires and yet fulfillment of all desires is impossible. We have to work hard to find fulfillment but it is all transient. It is like a trap where we relentlessly pursue wealth, appearance, fame, gastronomic satisfaction, and excessive sleep without ever pondering what all these could lead to. We repeatedly go through birth, aging, sickness, and death and in this continuous cyclic existence, we suffer immeasurably.

The Buddha is like an expert doctor with the ability to diagnose and treat all kinds of ailments. Indeed, he dispenses eighty four thousands procedures for as much trouble that mortal beings could possibly face in this world. All these are found in the Buddha's teachings. If we practice his teachings with complete faith and realization, besides saving ourselves from suffering in this life, we can also find liberation in time to come...
No. Chapter Download
1.Buddhism's Treasure [368kb]

2.Free From Fear [413kb]

3.Desiring The Insignificant [333kb]

4.What Am I Really Craving For? [379kb]

5.Staying Busy [420kb]

6.What is the biggest challenge in life? (1) [654kb]

7.What is the biggest challenge in life? (2) [1.04mb]

8.How do we change our destiny? (1) [218kb]

9.How do we change our destiny? (2) [780kb]

10.Buddhist Philosophy of Life (1) [742kb]

11.Buddhist Philosophy of Life (2) [583kb]

12.Buddhist Cosmology (1) [1.77mb]

13.Buddhist Cosmology (2) [1.85mb]

14.Unequivocal Understanding about Life and Death (1) [297kb]

15.Unequivocal Understanding about Life and Death (2) [431kb]

16.Priceless Treasure - The Law of Dependent Origination (1) [499kb]

17.Priceless Treasure - The Law of Dependent Origination (2) [299kb]

18.The Most Blissful Person (1) [956kb]

19.The Most Blissful Person (2) [630kb]

20.The Wise Man's Choice - To See the Buddha and listen to the Dharma (1) [286kb]

21.The Wise Man's Choice - To See the Buddha and listen to the Dharma (2) [365kb]

22.Dana - The Practice of Giving (1) [906kb]

23.Dana - The Practice of Giving (2) [1.39mb]

24.Dana - The Practice of Giving (3) [630kb]

25.Dana - The Practice of Giving (4) [684kb]

26.Dana - The Practice of Giving (5) [741kb]

27.Dana - The Practice of Giving (6) [360kb]

28.Dana - The Practice of Giving (7) [382kb]

29.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (1) [2.65mb]

30.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (2) [1.51mb]

31.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (3) [1.93mb]

32.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (4) [308kb]

33.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (5) [655kb]

34.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (6) [1.05mb]

35.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (7) [639kb]

36.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (8) [1.3mb]

37.Upholding Precepts (Sila) - (9) [624kb]

38.Rebirth in the Heavenly Realm [5.65mb]

39.Impure are the Taints of Desires, of Greatest Ramifications are Defilements, of Highest Importance is Renunciation[2.47mb]

40.In Praise of Renunciation [1.79mb]

41.Who is "Me"? [2.13mb]

42.Getting to Know "Me" [806kb]

43.Women: Why O' Why? [1.28mb]

44.Vows of King Yama [2.58mb]

45.The Ideal Pursuit in Life [1.41mb]

46.Once a Mistake, Twice a Fool [1.97mb]

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